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Looking for LoRa client modules or a gateway, remote sensor data / MODBUS / CAN / 1-Wire, GPS tracking, I/O automation, or accelerometer recording?

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Can't quite find the product you need? Have us design and manufacture one to suit your exact use case. Totally new or a modified existing design.

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In-line assembly, lead-free, vacuum vapour-phase reflow, x-ray inspection, through-hole soldering, firmware installation, and testing. We can do it.

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Advanced Sensor Manufacturing

PCB & Component Acquisition

We can procure PCBs, stencils, and components at excellent prices, if you require, from our reliable global supplier network.

Surface-Mount Assembly

Our in-line surface mount solder screen-printing and component placement machines make manufacturing your devices a breeze.

Vacuum Vapour-Phase Reflow

Solder voids getting you down? Vacuum vapour-phase reflow nearly eliminates voiding, greatly increasing long-term reliability.

Post-Reflow X-Ray Inspection

Using chips with connections underneath, such as BGAs, and having difficulty figuring out what's going on? Our x-ray inspection will show you.

Soldering, Firmware, and Testing

Need connectors added, have a test process you'd like us to execute, or need firmware installed on boards pre-shipping? Sorted.

Rapid Prototyping Turnaround

Need PCBs ordered, assembled, and shipped within a fortnight? We've done it before, and can do it many times again. Contact us and see what we can do.

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Get a feel for what's involved in the manufacturing process and get some in-person feedback on how to optimise your devices for efficient assembly.


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LoRa Sensors

LoRa Sensors

Pivot Irrigator

Pivot Irrigator

Water Monitoring

Water Monitoring

GPS Buddy

GPS Buddy

Pump Control

Pump Control

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